What is Affiliate Marketing? Pros and cons of doing affiliate marketing in Japan

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Making money online is always a topic of interest to many people, especially in a time when technology thrives, everywhere can connect with each other over the internet. With 3 years of experience (2 years of self-working & 1 year of self-working), this article I will introduce to everyone what affiliate marketing is and its mechanism of operation, a form of online monetity (MMO) that is very popular today in Japan and all over the world.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing(アフフリエイト) is an internet-based affiliate marketing method. For companies/businesses, this is a way for them to promote their products or services through affiliated marketing service providers (ASPs).

Publisher(blogger, youtuber, PPC…) will be responsible for connecting and promoting products or services of affiliated service providers (ASPs). Both Publisher and ASP will receive commissions from this promotional method through successful traffic or sales.

Components in Affliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing Model

For Affiliate Marketing strategy, there will be 4 main components as follows.

  • Suppliers, advertising products: companies, businesses
  • Affiliate service provider:company
  • Marketer:individual, unit
  • Our customers

1. Advertiser product suppliers and advertisers

These are businesses and companies that want to advertise their products or services through ASPs. By asking ASPs to place affiliate ads, they will have more opportunities to promote, and make selling easier than ever.

2. ASP Affiliate Marketing Provider

ASP(Affiliate Service Provider) are affiliates with advertisers and then provide advertising linking services to Publisher via the internet. The well-known ASPs in Japan are:

3. Affiliator Affiliate Marketer

Affiliators are those who own websites, blogs or other types of media such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and post ADS associated with ASP on their media. If a customer purchases a product from a published ad and meets the operating conditions set by the advertiser, then the affiliator will receive a commission from ASP.

4. End User Customers

Customers who visit Affiliator's website, blog or media channel and use products and services (purchase products) through affiliate advertisements.

Unlike Google AdSense, customers must purchase products from ads that Affiliator has posted on their Media in order to insit commissions, not just click on affiliate ads.

Pros and cons of Affiliate Marketing

This issue in terms of suppliers and affiliate marketer will be different, the following I will only explain the pros and cons of affiliator.

Advantages of doing affiliate marketing

  • Improve personal income : If successful, the profit from Afiliate is very high , even unlimited.
  • No need to get permission from the company or immigration department: In Japan if you want to do extra work outside of the main job, you must be allowed to agree from the company working and the Immigration Department, but if you do affiliate marketing you do not need to do this procedure.
  • Low initial cost : You can completely participate in asp affiliated marketing programs for free, so just owning a media channel is enough.
  • No special skills required: no special skills such as video editing and illustrator drawing skills are required, however, knowledge and experience are required.
  • Can combine, take advantage of experiences and interests to earn money:For example, product reviews, sharing travel experiences.. Etc…
  • You can make money everywhere: As long as you have the internet, you can make money with affiliates easily, even if your media has a large number of customers, then when you sleep, you also earn money.

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Disadvantages of doing affiliate marketing

  • Time consuming: To get ASP's consent to accept the link and make money from Affiliate, it takes you time to build media (content, PV…). Many people give up halfway because of depression, so you should be psychologically prepared that it takes at least 3 months to earn money.
  • You have to learn a lot of knowledge and experience: To earn a lot of money from Affliate, you must have a broad understanding and personal experience, then media content will be rich and attract many customers. At least knowledge of internet, blog, SEO, degital marketing.


Affiliate is a form of online monetity with many attractive potentials and benefits, but not everyone who starts this field succeeds. To earn money from Affiliate you have to trade a lot of things such as time, effort, content creation, because if your content is boring, no customer will buy products through your advertising link.

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