Phishing Scam alerts via phone messages in Japan

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Currently, impersonation tricks are reputable large enterprise organizations, and then send SMS messages containing phishing phishing links inside. Many people do not have knowledge of security or curiosity, opening that link up and entering personal information into it will leave very unfortunate consequences. One of the best examples is SMS messages that pretend to be a shipping center and contain links with domain names phishing.

【】What is it?

DuckDNS is a free dynamic DNS service that allows users to create sub-domains their computers or servers. Because it is a free DNS dynamic, it has become a phishing tool for hackers, especially the type of phishing attack to steal personal information called phishing attack (in Japanese as フフフシング詐欺).

What is Phishing attack?

Phishing attack is a form of phishing attack to steal personal information. This form of attack, which has been around since 1987, is a combination of the words Fishing and Phreaking. Fishing in the current case means “fishing” the user’s personal information, e.g. name, phone number, credit card, etc. On the other hand, the attack characteristics are almost identical to the Phreaking attack type, so the letter F(in fishing) is replaced by Ph(in phreaking) due to the almost identical pronunciation. Since then the name Phishing was born.

Japan’s phishing attacks

I just explained the concept of Phishing attack and free dynamic DNS above. Next I will analyze more specifically about this type of attack in Japan, because it is quite common. Phishing phishing attacks are quite diverse, but the most common is still the sms spam or email spam.
SMS phishing iPhone

If one day, you receive a fake SMS message from the freight center, containing an unsafe link as pictured above, be careful and absolutely do not click on the attached link.

Not knowing by some means, they often send spam messages to those who have just purchased online such as Rakuten or Amazon, and pretend to be the agency that transports goods to mislead users.


The links attached to spam messages are often phishing websites to entice users to enter personal information or automatically install malicious applications on the user’s phone.


To avoid hackers using Phishing phishing attacks over the internet and stealing your personal or sensitive information. Please note the following points:

  • Be careful not to open or reply to any spam messages asking you to confirm or update any information about your account.
  • Never click on any links that come with spam messages when they feel unsafe. A good example is or
  • If you receive a spam message that contains a malicious link, submit a report to Google’s Report a Phishing.

Dealing with Phishing phishing is not a simple task. Therefore, always be vigilant and improve security when using the internet!


フィッシング詐欺 is also a frequently mentioned issue in IT certification exams in Japan such as: IT passport,FE or SG. So if you’re going to take an IT certificate in Japan, don’t ignore the knowledge of fake フィッシング詐欺.


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